Tuesday, 21 May 1974

Anti Hijacking System For Aircraft

United States Patent 3,811,643
May 21, 1974

Pizzo; Gustano A.
Jackson Heights, NY


An anti hijacking system for an airplane to be operated during flight. A partition or barrier located immediately aft of the pilots cabin is adapted to be raised dividing the aft section longitudinally into port and starboard areas, the floors of which are dropped on command to lower the hijacker into a capsule in the belly of the plane. The capsule is releasable through opened bomb bay doors having attached thereto a parachute for safely returning the hijacker within the capsule to earth.


1. An aircraft having a fuselage comprising a belly separated from a pilots cabin, a passengers section and an enclosed area intermediate thereof by a deck, a partition normally disposed in the belly of said aircraft and means for raising said partition into said area for effectively sealing off any person positioned in one of the zones defined by said partition and the fuselage of the aircraft, means for gaining access to the pilot's cabin and the passenger section from either zone when said partition is raised, the deck of each zone comprising hinged sections adapted to pivot from edge abutting position to a position directed to the belly of the aircraft, means for operating said hinged sections, a capsule separate from the aircraft fuselage disposed under each zone, a bomb-bay door under each zone with a capsule supported over each door, means for controlling each door for selectively jettisoning one of said capsules from the aircraft, a parachute being attached to each capsule and means being provided for automatically opening the chutes when a capsule is released through one of said doors.


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