Friday, 1 March 2013

First report of family infestation with pubic louse (Pthirus pubis; Insecta: Anoplura: Pthiridae) in Iran – a case report

Tropical Biomedicine 30(1): 152–154 (Mar 2013)

Dehghani, R. [1], Limoee, M. [2] and Ahaki, A.R. [3]

[1] Environment Health Department College of Health, Kashan University of Medical Sciences, Kashan, I.R.
[2] Dept. of Public Health and Research Center for Environmental Epidemiology, Kermanshah University of
Medical Sciences, Kermanshah, I.R. Iran
[3] Dept. of Environment Health, Kashan University of Medical Sciences, Kashan, I.R. Iran


The sucking lice including the head, body and pubic louse infest humans and so they are of high hygienic importance. Pubic lice are transmitted during sexual contact in adults. Thus, infestation of children with pubis louse is very rare. A case of infestation with pubic louse (Pthirus pubis) in a family in Kashan was seen. On examination of family members, the parasites were collected and observed under the light microscope. Infestation of eyelashes with P. pubis lice was confirmed. Since this parasite can be observed on the skin, infestation with this louse has always been one of the concerns of human communities. Pthiriasis has frequently been reported in many parts of the world; however, there are few reports on this infestation in Iran, especially familial infestation with this louse. Hence, this article could be the first report on the familial infestation with P. pubis in Iran and it can be suggested that infestation with pubic lice occurs in sporadic form in all over the country.

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