Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Venturi didgeridoo

United States Patent
Publication number US8466361 B1
Application number US 13/554,713
Publication date Jun 18, 2013

Charles Adams Eaton

Corrales, NM


The invention claimed is:

1. A musical instrument played by blowing air in a first end in the manner of an Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo, the musical instrument comprising: a body comprising two or more un-tapered venture cylinder segments that can be nested or telescoped for portability; wherein each segment closer to a second end of the musical instrument, opposite the first end, has a diameter smaller than a diameter of any preceding segment closer to the first end.

2. The instrument of claim 1, further comprising: terminal sections of various lengths to provide different fundamental frequencies.



The “Walkabout Didgerido”

The 48″ Venturi-Didgeridoo, when made of fiberglass and resin, weighs only 9 ounces. If the rubber tip for a cane is inserted into the distal opening (FIG. 2) and a cap with a strap is put over the proximal opening (FIG. 3), it is converted into a walking stick—or “Walkabout Didgeridoo”. If the base of the cap is drilled and tapped, a properly threaded bolt will convert the “Walkabout Didgeridoo” into a monopod for camera stabilization (FIG. 3).


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